Wicher Visser

ERNI Schweiz AG



Wicher is a software technologist and critical thinker. He is an advocate of adopting antifragile design for systems of all kinds. 

He has over 15 years of experience in Software Engineering industrial IoT, security, medical devices and banking industry. He graduated in computer science with a specialization in intelligent systems, worked as a researcher at the ETH in Zürich, and later helped grow a startup company in his role as software developer, project manager, and architect. He currently leads the architecture practice at ERNI, a technology consultancy firm in Switzerland.

A Holistic View on Software Quality

Quality is a primary business principle and paramount to business success. The common misconception is that the project management trichotomy requires us to sacrify quality (or scope) to meet deadlines. We will explore what it means for business to get it right, and why we should do no less than develop bugfree code.