Cosima Laube



Cosima is an experienced independent coach, consultant and trainer with a demonstrated history of working in a variety of industries (automotive, finance & banking, healthcare, travel & tourism).
Having a strong background as developer and people lead in IT engineering, over the last decade she enhanced her portfolio with solid coaching skills (ICF-PCC) and university studies focused on I/O- and Health Psychology.
Cosima cares more about systems thinking than local optimization, she is an introvert, a runner and a passionate community gardener (organising several Open Space conferences, leading and contributing to other community events).

Head 'n' HeartOps - A User's Guide to emotions without "system crashes"

You have emotions?
Congrats, you are a (professional) human being!

Oftentimes still, people think that having emotions or even "being emotional" means being unprofessional, being irrational or even being weak. That is wrong!

Being able to consciously deal with (your) emotions is a (professional) strength that can be learned and practised.
It contributes to better team work.
It promotes individual health.
It even is a leadership quality.

Join this session to bridge potential gaps between "tech" and "humans", between "hard" and "soft", between "us" and "them". Join and start right now with finding the 'right' balance...