Cindy Hürlimann Claudine Zillmann




Cindy Hürlimann is an User Experience Designer with over 15 years of experience in the art of creating concepts for digital experiences ranging from websites, apps to software platforms across various industries. In her daily work she is the users advocate and understands her work as a way to bring together developers, project managers, the users and the product. As a designer for Karakun Cindy brings the designers toolkit to almost every project ranging from data management software for the automotive industry all the way to carbon removal platform in the carbon sink industry.



Claudine Zillmann is a Scrum Master at Karakun in Dortmund. She is committed to agile ways of working. As experienced Java developer, she is aware of the technical and methodical perspectives of agile development. She serves teams and projects, facilitates workshops and fosters improvement in collaboration with enthusiasm and her experience.

UX & Scrum: Cooking up your perfect agile process

We all love a dinner for two. A tasty, home-cooked meal, a bottle of wine - that's it. Sounds easy, right? Especially if you follow one of the million recipes out there telling you exactly what ingredients to use and how long it takes to cook them.

Using SCRUM is similar. You add the ingredients, follow the process, do the scrum ceremonies and get your artefacts. The same is true for User Experience Design (UX): Ingredients, process, outcome - But wait!

For years we have been doing SCRUM and we have been doing UX. Both follow their individual processes. But what if there is a new project on the horizon which calls for a menu from both worlds? Can we actually combine our well known Scrum framework with the UX methodology? It probably means to get out of our comfort zone and add some new flavor to the old recipe.

In this talk, UX Designer Cindy and Scrum Master Claudine will guide you through the metaphorical process of creating your very own recipe for SCRUM & UX. They will present the essentials of the SCRUM framework and the UX design process. Step by step, they will show you how to integrate UX into SCRUM - which ingredients you need, how to prepare and cook them and add the finishing touch to create your very own agile process.