Yoshio Terada

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I started the GlassFish evangelist since 2005 at Sun Microsystems. After Sun Microsystems acquired by Oracle, I started Java evangelist at Oracle Japan. I joined Microsoft Japan since 2015. As a Java evangelist in Microsoft, I had been promoting Java on Cloud (Azure) technologies like IoT, Cognitive Service, Bot, Serverless and Kubernetes. I’m a board member of Japanese JUG. One of the most Java influencer in Japan. Since 2016 I become a Java Champion. I Love Java and Java Communities.

The Experience of Java on Kubernetes with Microservices from HackFests

This is a case study on how to get started with Kubernetes and Docker for production environment.  We sat down with several large enterprises and did a 5 day Hack-a-thon where we helped them to learn how to use the latest Kubernetes tooling for production.


For example you can learn

Migration from on-premise to Kubernetes with Lyft & Shift style.

How to do the Blue/Green and Canary

How to create CI/CD environment for Kubernetes with few hours.

Trouble Shooting : How to solve the problem of Kubernete?

How to create the High Available and Secure environment for k8s?


There is a lot you can learn from their experience to help your own organization make the leap to a modern Kubernetes with DevOps practices.

Finally you can see interesting demonstration which operate the Kubernetes by text(Slack) and voice message.