Peter Verhas

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Peter Verhas is a senior software engineer and software architect having
electrical engineering and economics background from TU Budapest (MsC) and PTE
Hungary (MBA), and also studied at TU Delft and TU Vienna. He created his first
programs in 1979, and since then he has authored several open source programs.
He has worked in several positions in the telecommunications and finance
industries and was the CIO of the start-up during its early days.

Peter works for EPAM Systems in Switzerland, as developer, supporting training
programs for developers, and internal mentoring.

Peter is author of the books Java 9 Programming by Example (2017, Packt) and
co-author of Mastering Java 9 (2017, Packt) and participates in conferences
dlivering talks.

Twitter: @verhas

Comparing Golang and understanding Java Value Types

The talk compares the memory model of the Go programming language to the memory
model of Java. This comparision will help Java developers understand the planned
Java 10 feature: Value Types. The talk will describe how these are implemented
in Go, and why they so much needed for the Java language. At the end of the
presentation the audience will also understand why Value Types can not be
extended, immutable and are passed always by value.